PRE-REGISTRATION FORM -  Deadline by Thursday week of Show

Your details were sent successfully! You will receive an email with your registration number and any further instructions.

Steve Mamakas will not be held responsible for any damage done to my person or automobile. For a, or no reason at all, Steve Mamakas has the right to disallow me from participating in the Classic Car Show.

I understand that if I am in Flemington Borough for the purposes of attending a Car-Show, I am aware of the potential dangers that may be associated with being a part of any car-show. I assume all liability associated with the inherent risks of said Car-Show as it may relate to my personal property, or to any injury I may sustain in connection with said car-show. Under no circumstances will I look to the Steve Mamakas, or Flemington Borough, for damages my personal property may incur in connection with said Car-Show, nor will I look to Steve Mamakas, or Flemington Borough for an injury I may be involved with as a result of said Car-Show. I further agree to hold Steve Mamakas, and Flemington Borough harmless in any claim whatsoever that I may be directly or indirectly involved with as a result of any known personal injury or property damage suffered in connection with said Car-Show.

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