DJ at Court House 75 Main Street

June 5th: Chuck Leonard

June 19th: Chuck Leonard - Rained Out

July 3rd:Chuck Leonard - Rained Out

July 17th: Chuck Leonard - Rained Out

July 31st: Chuck Leonard

August 14th: Chuck Leonard

August 28th: Chuck Leonard _ Rained Out

Sept 11th: Chuck Leonard

October 9th: Chuck Leonard

October 23rd: Chuck Leonard

Live Music   

MAIN STREET BAGEL Porch 26 Main St  5- 8pm

June 5th: Thomas Johnston

June 19th: L & B Line - Rained Out

July 3rd: Toby Chernesky & Friends - Rained out

July 17th: L & B Line - Rained Out

July 31st: THe Cats Dragged In

August 14th: Snapdragon

August 28th: Toby Chernesky & Friends - Rain Out

 Sept 11th: L & B Line

Oct 9th: TBD

October 223rd: Toby Chernesky & Friends

Live Music

Hunterdon Chamber of Commerce Porch 119 Main St  5-8pm

June 5th: Ed Jankiewicz

June 19th: Big Horse Band - Rained Out

July 3rd:  Crabdaddy - Rained Out

July 17th: Bayou Country - Rained Out

July 31st: The Lifters Band

August 14th: HighRidge Runners & PLEAD the 5th Quartet

August 28th: Big Horse Band - Rained Out

Sept. 11th: Central Jersey Saxophone Quartet

October 9th: Somerville School of Rock

October 23rd: Big Horse Band

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FLEMINGTON CAR SHOWS - 75 Main Street Shows